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Travel Planning in Oman

Plan your trip to Oman well ahead of time. Decide which places you would love to see before you reach Oman. The change in weather will be a major factor in your decision. As the summer months from May to August are hot and sweaty, make sure to pick up plenty of cotton clothes. A trip to Salalah during its cool Khareef season is the best choice during the hot months in Oman. Winter months, which begin from late October to early February, are the best time to visit Oman. You may also encounter short rain showers between January and February.

There are several low-cost flights to Oman, which are direct. Travel on a cruise ship to Oman and make the trip more exciting. Enjoy the ocean voyage.

All visitors must hold a passport which is valid for six months. Apply early for a tourist e-visa to Oman. The Oman tourist visa is valid for one year and your stay should not exceed one month at a time. For those who arrive by cruise, the ship officials will arrange group visas. This saves you the trouble of getting an e-visa. If you have a tourist visa of the Emirate of Dubai, which is valid for three weeks, you can also visit Oman free of charge. Combine a trip from Dubai to Muscat. Save money and have more fun!

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A kiteboarder surfs in Oman
A tourist enjoys sand boarding during a desert trip in Oman A scuba diver views coral reefs in Oman waters
Did you know? The ruins of 13-century tomb of Bibi Maryam in Oman

Marco Polo and Ibn Battutah visited Qalhat in the 13th century and 14th century respectively. The ancient city of Qalhat in Sur was an important stop in the Indian Ocean trade network.

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