An old Omani steers a boat across the shallow green water at the entrance to Wadi Shab
  • Wadi Shab waterfall

    For those who love to enjoy an adventurous hike over a wild terrain, Wadi Shab Oman is a popular place to visit in Oman. If you are looking for a place for lots of trekking and swimming, Wadi Shab Oman is the exact choice for you.

    Wadi Al Shab, located in Tiwi, is in Al Sharqiyah South Governorate. Begin your trip early in the morning, so that you make most of it. You will fall in love with the fresh water cascading from mountaintops to meet the salty sea water.

  • Things to do

  • Go trekking to the mountains and unwind your adventurous spirit.
  • Splash in the refreshing natural water pools.
  • Relax with your feet in the pool and have a free fish spa!
  • Have a picnic at the wadi and enjoy the greenery.
  • Swim inside the cave to see the amazing waterfall and rock formation.
  • Pitch your tent and camp for the night by the wadi.
  • Take a selfie in this picturesque background and post it to Instagram.
  • Opening Closing Time - Open 24 hrs
  • Entrance Fee / Tickets - Free
  • Age Restrictions - No
  • Pick up /Drop off - No
  • Live Guide - No
  • Spot to Relax - Yes
  • Visitor Center - No
  • Free Parking - Yes
  • Food & Drinks - No
  • Wheelchair Accessible - No
  • Public Restroom - Yes
  • Prayer hall - Yes

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Contact: PO Box 275, PC 112, Ruwi,
Sultanate of Oman



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