A scenic view of Wadi Dayqah Dam in Qurayyat, Oman
  • Wadi Dayqah Dam

    Wadi Dayqah Dam is the largest dam in Oman. Located in Quriyat, it is a spectacular sight set in a craggy limestone valley amid massive mountains. This huge dam collects the sporadic rainfall from the peaks. About 120 wadis from North Sharqiyah flow into this dam. The ancient ‘Falaj’ irrigation system controls the water flowing from the hillside. The lake is 8 km long and 75 m high. It can hold 100 million m3 of rainwater.

    Quriyat Dam

    The Wadi Dayqah water project aims to supply drinking water to the cities of Muscat and Quriyat as well as for agricultural purposes. It is also known as the Quriyat Dam and is around 1 hour 20 min drive from Muscat. The adjacent park is a very popular spot for families in Oman and an ideal spot for picnics.

  • Opening/Closing Time - Saturday to Thursday : 8 am to 10 pm
  • Entrance Fee / Tickets - Adult: Free | Child: Free
  • Age Restrictions - No
  • Pick up /Drop off - No
  • Live Guide - No
  • Spot to Relax - Yes
  • Visitor Center - No
  • Free Parking - No
  • Food & Drinks - No
  • Wheelchair Accessible - No
  • Public Restroom - Yes
  • Prayer hall - No

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