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  • Wadi Darbat

    Wadi Darbat is a heavenly place in Salalah. Find nature at its best here. The breathtaking waterfall in Wadi Darbat has lots of mini falls across the place. An ideal spot for boat riding and bird watching, the Wadi Darbat lake is surrounded by lush greenery and blue mountains. The light drizzle, cool weather, and the misty sky will make your visit more memorable. The rich biodiversity includes rare flora and fauna such as ancient fig and tamarind trees, which are hundreds of years old. Wadi Darbat lies 60km from Salalah.

  • Opening/Closing Time :Open 24 hrs
  • Entrance Fee / Tickets : Free
  • Age Restrictions : No
  • Pick up /Drop off : No
  • Live Guide : No
  • Spot to Relax : Yes
  • Visitor Center : No
  • Free Parking : Yes
  • Food & Drinks : Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible : No
  • Public Restroom : Yes
  • Prayer hall : No

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Contact: PO Box 275, PC 112, Ruwi,
Sultanate of Oman



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