The ruins of an ancient city at Sumhuram Salalah Oman
  • Sumhuram Salalah

    Sumhuram, Salalah, is also known as Khor Rori. Khor in Arabic means ‘inlet’. It was a once-thriving port for frankincense trade in the third century BC and belonged to the Kingdom of Hadhramaut in modern Yemen. The excavated ruins reveal evidence of an ancient city with temples, palaces, residential areas, and strong defensive walls. It is also famous for the ruins of Queen Sheba’s palace. Located about 35 km east of Salalah, it is listed now in Unesco World Heritage list. It is a significant pre-Islamic settlement in Dhofar.

  • Opening/Closing Time - 8 am to 9 pm
  • Entrance Fee / Tickets - Free
  • Age Restrictions - No
  • Pick up /Drop off - No
  • Live Guide - No
  • Spot to Relax - Yes
  • Visitor Center - No
  • Free Parking - OMR2
  • Food & Drinks - No
  • Wheelchair Accessible - No
  • Public Restroom - Yes
  • Prayer hall - Yes

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Contact: PO Box 275, PC 112, Ruwi,
Sultanate of Oman



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