The white pebbles on the Pebble beach Oman
  • Pebble Beach Oman

    Pebble beach Oman is an exquisite beach sprinkled with white smooth silky pebbles. Tucked between cliffs and a long shoreline of pebbles, this spellbinding beach glistens with its aquamarine water. Located on Muscat–Sur Coastal road, it is an ideal camping spot in Oman. Indulge yourself in fishing, swimming, and snorkeling. Watch the amazing colors of the sunset and the craggy cliffs nearby. Or if you are still early and want to visit one more scenic place, push over to Wadi Shab nearby. The Pebble Beach Oman GPS location is N22 50’ 40” E59 14’ 32”.

  • Opening/Closing Time - Open 24 hrs
  • Entrance Fee / Tickets - Free
  • Age Restrictions - No
  • Pick up /Drop off - No
  • Live Guide - No
  • Spot to Relax - No
  • Visitor Center - No
  • Free Parking - Yes
  • Food & Drinks - No
  • Wheelchair Accessible - No
  • Public Restroom - No
  • Prayer hall - No

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Contact: PO Box 275, PC 112, Ruwi,
Sultanate of Oman



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