A view of the turqoise green lake at Bimmah Sinkhole Oman
  • Bimmah Sinkhole Oman

    Bimmah Sinkhole Oman is a natural circular cavern shaped like a sparkling green eye. A perfect showcase for Oman’s geology, it is 40 m wide at the opening and 20 m deep. Daily Mail calls it ‘the world’s most beautiful sinkhole’ and is an interesting place to visit in Oman. Local stories say meteorites formed it. This explains the name ‘Hawiyat Najm’, which means ‘The Falling Star’.

    Hawiyat Najm Park

    According to geologists, the natural process of erosion forms the sinkholes. The adjoining Hawiyat Najm Park with palm trees is also a picnic spot in Bimmah. The Bimmah Sinkhole is 113 km from Muscat and takes about a 1-hour drive along the highway from Muscat to Sur.

    Walk down the built-in steep 64-step stairway, jump into the turquoise green waters, and swim like a mermaid in and out. Get tickled by the nibbling fishes and beat the heat in the cool fresh waters.

    Have you seen any other such sinkholes in the world? Do you find this sinkhole different from all the others?

  • Opening/Closing Time - Open 24 hrs
  • Entrance Fee / Tickets - Adult: Free | Child: Free
  • Age Restrictions - No
  • Pick up /Drop off - No
  • Live Guide - Yes
  • Spot to Relax - No
  • Visitor Center - No
  • Free Parking - Yes
  • Food & Drinks - No
  • Wheelchair Accessible - No
  • Public Restroom - Yes
  • Prayer hall - Yes

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