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Nizwa Fort: An interesting landmark to visit in Oman

The enchanting Nizwa Fort is one of the most popular places visited in Oman. Its unique architectural style makes it stand out from the other forts in Oman. The biggest fort in Oman, it was a vantage point to defend the town during times of war. It is an interesting landmark to visit in Oman.

Oldest castle in Oman

Nizwa Fort, the oldest castle in Oman, was built in the 17th century by the first imam of the Ya’aruba dynasty Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya'rubi. It took 12 years to complete the fort and is a most visited fort in Oman. The Imams and Walis administered from here, and it has been designed to be a stronghold during chaotic times of conflict. It is located in Ad Dakhiliyah.

A view of the Grand Mosque as seen from the Nizwa Fort Oman

Ancient Omani architecture

The fort replicates the ancient Omani architectural skill and design. It is noted for its circular tower that is 30 m tall. The arches, crenulated roofs, and entrances reveal the traditional architecture of Oman. Enemies found its huge gates, made in wood, difficult to break in. The walls are made strong enough to withstand mortar fire and there are 24 windows to open fire. The windows were used to pour hot liquids, often date syrup, onto advancing enemies and also for observing. Two cannons greet us at the entrance to the fort while four cannons are set in the top of the tower. The top tower gives a complete view of the entire terrain and tells tales of how the soldiers were ready for any surprise attacks.

Nizwa Castle structure

The Nizwa Fort structure shows how the rulers upheld their secrecy. The huge structure is built above a rocky hill at the base of Mount Nakhal in Jabal Akhdar. Climb a winding narrow staircase and walk into the various rooms and terraces around the fort. The tower has even a well that ensured a continuous supply of water. The underground cellars always took care of food and ammunition needs. The fort has rooms for the Imam, his family, his guests and the royal guards. In addition to it, it had also a school, a mosque, and a prison.

The Nizwa Fort Oman built above a rocky hill at the base of Mount Nakhal

Museum exhibits at the fort

There are several exhibits that showcase the splendor of the bygone era. A renovated museum enables the visitors to get to know the traditions and culture of Oman. A 3D-miniature model of the fort and a map detailing the layout can be seen here. The Exhibition Halls include the place where dates were stored, a collection of armory, a library, an ablution room, and a courtyard. The rooms display the artifacts of that time.

Breathtaking mountain-top view

The climb to the top takes you to a breathtaking view of the green hills dotted with palms and the blue Al Hajar Mountains peeping from afar. The tower gives a viewpoint of the entire town.

Tourists visit the tower of Nizwa Fort Oman

Over to you

This is a must place for those who love history. Imagine the battle cry and the deafening shots of mortar fire that exploded into the enemy. And feel the thrill and hardships of a time when people used most of the scarce resources that were available to them. So, do you love to visit historical places? Visit the ancient Nizwa Fort and let us know what you liked about it.

A scenic view of Sumhuram fallen lands

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