Why you should go with kids to Mughsail Beach

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Mughsail Beach Salalah is a popular destination for family picnics

Take a break. Go and relax at the popular picnic spot in Salalah with your kids. Mughsail Beach is well worth a trip away from the attractions in the modern world. A seven-meter golden expanse of sand awaits you with its delights. Enjoy the beauty of nature and return refreshed for the next day. The drive is about 40 km from the Salalah city.

Play in the amazing blowhole

Tucked amid captivating cliffs and the extensive sands, the Mughsail beach in Salalah boasts of an all-year-round destination for the tourists as well as the locals. The beach with its stunning blowholes is also called the Mughsail Natural Fountains. It is best known for its refreshing spray of seawater that explodes through the holes in the rock beneath. Kids would love to play while getting sprayed. Let them feel the rumbling ground, hear the rocky crevices erupt with deafening noise, and see the dramatic jets of seawater. It will transport them to another world.

Marvel at the gigantic cave

The elevated and curvy Marneef Cave is the biggest cave near Mughsail beach. Relax and sit on the benches near and take in the protruding rocky formations. Do you see a resemblance of a roaring lion? And if you feel as adventurous as your kids, try climbing a bit of the steep rock and take a snap in the craggy spots.

A huge cliff at Mughsail beach Salalah

Collect exotic seashells

Have fun with your kids in the sandy shores. Dig into the sand and make sand castles or collect the beautiful adorned seashells at the clean white beach. The beaches in Oman are known for its exotic seashells that wash up on the shore daily. Find a variety such as Venus Comb Murex, knobbed whelks, channelled whelks,oyster shells,cowries, gulf oyster drill and the Atlantic fig snail here and awaken the marine biologist in your kid. Your little explorer can learn in the school of nature and discover new things.

Run around and fly a kite

Who doesn’t love flying kites? Buy one at the stores or make it ahead before the visit. Go and fly it with your kids. It’s no longer a kid’s game. Kite flying is popular here during the winter season. Watch the swooping kites and feel the strong wind as it whistles by.

A collection of sea shells found in the Mughsayl beach Salalah

Go dip in the cold waters

Take a dip in the clear turquoise waters and swim till you are tired. Walk around and take a look at the food stalls around. And if you happen to see a salesman who carries on his back a traditional silver pot, don’t miss it. A gulp of the sweet tamarind drink will wake you up from drowsiness.

Watch the local fishermen land their catch

If you are in time, you will be lucky to watch the local fishermen in their traditional dhows offshore landing their catch. Or gaze at the fisher folks working on their nets. Fishing is the major traditional occupation of the local community here.

Mughsayl beach Salalah boasts of four miles of white sand

Create a memory for a lifetime

Now I leave it to you to go and discover yourself. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the scenic mountains and create a cherished memory for your kids before they grow up. If you’re one of those people who love to sit in quiet contemplation, the amazing cliff, and crystal clear water will make your visit worth any day.

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A scenic view of Mughsayl beach Salalah as sun sets

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