Mughsail Beach Salalah Oman: 7 terrific reasons why you should go with kids

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Mughsail Beach Salalah is a popular destination for family picnics

As an all-year-round destination, Mughsail Beach Salalah Oman is a go-to-spot for family picnics during the Khareef in Salalah. Tucked amid captivating cliffs and the extensive sands, the Mughsail beach in Salalah is among the top places in Salalah Oman tourist attractions. Surrounded in azure waters, a seven-meter golden expanse of sand awaits you here.
Here are seven terrific reasons why you must visit this beautiful location with your kids. Enjoy the beauty of nature and return refreshed for the next day. The drive is a mere 40 km from Salalah city.

1. Play in the amazing Mughsayl blowhole

The Mughsayl beach is famous for its blowholes, which explode seawater through the crevices in the rock beneath. In the Khareef season, the water jets as high as 28 meters when the tides are high.
All kids love to play and drench themselves out as the strong waves burst through the cracks and spray them wide. Allow them to feel the rumbling ground, listen to the deafening sounds of the breaking waves, and watch in delight as the dramatic jet of seawater splash and splatter on them.

A huge cliff at Mughsail beach Salalah

2. Go rock climbing

The elevated and curvy Al Marneef Cave Salalah is the biggest cave near Mughsail beach Oman. Its huge rocky boulders resemble a roaring lion’s mouth. The huge shadows beneath make it the right place to rest and relax from the heat.
Take a seat on the benches near and observe the protruding rocks. Go for rock climbing with your kids. Climb the steep rock and take a snap in the craggy spots. And once you are on top of it, take in the amazing view of the misty mountain and the picturesque beach, and bask in the pleasant weather.

3. Collect exotic seashells

Have fun with your kids in the sandy shores. Dig into the sand and make sandcastles or collect the cute adorned seashells at the clean white beach. The beaches in Oman are known for its exotic seashells that wash up on the shore daily.
Find diverse varieties such as Venus Comb Murex, knobbed whelks, channeled whelks, oyster shells, cowries, gulf oyster drill, and the Atlantic fig snail, and awaken the marine biologist in your kid. Your little explorer can learn in the school of nature and discover new things.

A collection of sea shells found in the Mughsayl beach Salalah

4. Run around and fly a kite

The Al Mughsail Beach weather is perfect for kite flying. And who doesn’t love flying kites? Kite flying in the light breeze is fun as there is nothing to block the wind here. Buy a kite at the stores on the beach or make one ahead as you plan the trip.
Kite flying is popular here during the winter season, and you can find both locals and tourists enjoying it. Why not join your kids and cheer them? Or stand back and watch the swooping kites and feel the strong wind as it whistles by.

5. Go dip in the cold waters

Take a cool dip with your kids in the clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and swim till you are tired. The tides are higher from May to September than from October to April. Lie down and bathe your skin in the golden sunlight. Walk around and take a look at the food stalls around. Stroll through the beach or race with your kids.
Watch the sunset in the gazebo and stay enchanted in the amber light. If you’re one of those people who love to sit in quiet contemplation, the amazing cliff and the crystal-clear water will make your visit worth any day.

6. Do bird watching

The cool weather in Salalah and its greenery make it an ideal place for migratory birds. Go early in the morning and watch them quietly. You can see a range of birds from a crested lark, greater crested tern, spotted thick-knee, little stint, Terek sandpiper, striated heron, sooty gull, Socotra cormorant, flamingoes to African silverbills here.
These birds appear mostly from February to May, late August to November, and December to February during the coolest time in Salalah. Remember to bring a set of good binoculars and stay quiet. Note the songs and calls of the birds and explain them to your kids. And pique their imagination.

The cool weather in Mughsayl beach Salalah Oman is a popular place for migratory birds

7. Watch the local fishermen land their catch

If you are on time, you will be lucky to watch the local fishermen in their traditional dhows offshore landing their catch. Or gaze at the fisher folks working on their nets. Fishing is the major traditional occupation of the local community in Salalah Dhofar.
Plan a barbeque too with the fresh catch available. Enjoy the breezy night and have a chitchat with your kids. Reminisce about the old days with them. They would love to know your travel stories.

Over to you

Discover the stunning moments at Mughsail Beach Salalah Oman and cherish the memory with your kids before they grow up and leave you. Al Mughsail Beach Salalah is well worth a trip away from the attractions in the modern world.
Have you been to such incredible blowholes around the world? Let us know in the comments below.
Also, visit Sumhurum and Wadi Darbat during your visit to Salalah.

A scenic view of Mughsayl beach Salalah as sun sets

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